MFCI Capital


We know real estate…

Well honed expertise in real estate financing

Over the past 25 years, MFCI Capital’s team has developed a wide-ranging expertise in the securing of financial commitments for all types of multi-residential and commercial real estate projects. The team is also well known for applying high standards in the development of financing structures.

Regardless of the type of project for which you are seeking financing, our professionals appreciate the unique aspect of each initiative and have the know-how to get you the lender that’s right for your particular venture. We can also make several interested lenders compete in order to obtain the optimum financing conditions for your project.

In today’s credit market, it is crucial that you choose a real estate specialist who has an excellent track record and access to the right resources in order to secure the capital that you require.

Much more than a mortgage broker

The consulting abilities of the members of the team and the wide-ranging network of collaborators developed over the years allow MFCI Capital to extend its service offer well beyond that of mortgage financing.

This level of experience covers all facets supporting the viability of each project, including projected return on investment and structural requirements applied by lenders and/or CMHC, as well as issues of various types, such as environmental, legal, heritage and others, while taking into consideration ongoing market trends.

In short, MFCI Capital’s wide-ranging services and support can offer you a tailored approach to your real estate initiative.

MFCI Capital is also an authorized agent for CMHC mortgage loan insurance.


Real estate is a sophisticated investment… it deserves a professional touch.